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Interwoven builds Jake Shane's Podcast Studio for Therapuss

Jake Shane knew he needed more than just a recording space for Therapuss—he needed a versatile studio that could meet the demands of his unique creative vision. That's where Interwoven stepped in, bringing our expertise / project managment with Connor Brock's creative eye to the table.

Jake had this quirky idea to make his studio feel like a therapist's office—a place where guests would feel a bit uncomfortable, yet strangely at ease. Interwoven totally got it. We played with lighting, decor, and the layout to create that perfect mix of awkwardness and intimacy. It set the scene beautifully for Therapuss's deep and engaging conversations.

Beyond just building walls and setting up equipment, Interwoven brought some clever ideas to the table. Jake wanted to integrate product placements smoothly into his podcast. So, they suggested placing a bar cart right in the center of the studio. It wasn't just about drinks; it was a strategic move that opened up opportunities for partnerships with brands, blending seamlessly into Therapuss's vibe.

Throughout the project, Interwoven and the Homemade Projects team were like creative co-conspirators. They didn't just build a studio; they crafted a space that's as flexible as it is inviting.

As Therapuss continues to top the charts, the success of Jake Shane's podcast studio is proof that creativity and practicality can go hand in hand. It's not just about recording; it's about creating an experience that makes the guest comfortable to let loose and resonates with listeners everywhere.

This project was guided by Connor Brock's creative vision and is more than just a studio. It's a space, a Therapuss office, where stories come alive, and where every detail—from the lighting to the layout—plays a part in the podcast's success.


You can listen to the podcast on Spotify here!

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