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You Deserve a Reward

Join our INTERWOVEN Rewards Community to save big and enjoy special access and exclusive giveaways.

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What is the Rewards Community?
The INTERWOVEN Rewards Community is a members-only community that provides frequent studio users with special perks, including value-back savings $$$, free studio time, EQ giveaways and exclusive access.

Who can join?
Anybody can join the Rewards Community and sign up is free! 

How do I join?
Tap the button above and fill out a short form :)

Why would I want to join?
Members can accumulate savings by earning 10% value back on all studio bookings, EQ rentals, merch buys and more. 

How do I redeem my rewards points?
When you want to redeem your points - simply let us know (i) your name and rewards number ID (ii) when/what you'd like to book and (iii) how many points you'd like to redeem, and we will discount your purchase or rental by the $$ equivalent!

I think I got it, but could you give me an example?
Sure! If you're a rewards member and you book 2HRS at our Miracle Mile studio (~$100 cost), you will earn 10% back via Rewards Points (equal to ~$10). You could then either (a) apply these points as a discount on your current booking or (b) save them and continue to accumulate for big rewards / free studio time later.

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