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Capture One hosts feedback session at Interwoven Studios

Interwoven Studios played a key role in making this event a success, providing an ideal space for Capture One to show off its new software.

Capture One invited the Photo & DigiTech community of Los Angeles to come test out their new features.

The session not only informed but also inspired attendees to rethink their approach to e-commerce photography in an increasingly digital landscape.

Headlines from the LA session were:

🤖 Feels like we’ve barely scratched the surface on AI’s potential in ecom workflows. 

📴 Enhanced support for mobility, collaboration & offline working continues to be in demand.

💰 Many studios are still on the fence RE: PIMs/DAMs, the benefits are clear but the business casing/justification, less so.

💻 In the same breadth, it's fun to look at bootstrapped ways to automate & expedite pre-shoot, and post-shoot processes to move product through the studio thru things like scripting.

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